The lifetime of Fabrique B’s creations are linked to the type of maintenance performed. Good maintenance will allow you to enjoy your purchase for decades. Remember that Fabrique B’s designs are made of wood!


Keep in mind that wood is a product that reacts to its environment and that its initial role is to ensure the flow of sap from the roots to the leaves.



Cleaning procedure:


1. After use, remove any scraps with a damp cloth.

2.  Quickly wipe the surface with a well-wrung cloth, dipped in water mixed with soap and  gently clean the work surface.

3. In the case that the work surface has been in contact with meat, fish or other raw food, proceed with steps 1 and 2 and then wipe your work surface with a cloth soaked in a solution of one part (50%) of water and one part (50%) of white vinegar.

4. Rinse the cloth in water and  gently wipe the surface to remove soap and / or vinegar.

5. With a clean dry cloth, wipe your work surface to make sure that water is completely removed.


Drying procedure:


1. After cleaning, make sure you leave your cutting board/block in a room with a good airflow.

2. Do not leave the board / block on a wet surface like a freshly washed counter.

3. If both sides of your board / block have been washed or wet, let them dry by leaning against the wall on your kitchen counter to ensure air flow on both sides. If your board / block has aluminum or plastic feet you can let it dry on a straight surface as the air will flow under the board / block.


Warning :


• Do not immerse your board/block in water

• Do not  let your board/block soak in water.

• Do not put your board/block in the dishwasher.

• Do not put hot pots on top of your work surface.



Notes :


Colored foods: Some type of foods contain natural dyes (eg. beets), that can stain your work surface temporarily. Make sure to clean your work surface after use. Stains caused by colored foods gradually disappear after a few usages.


Odors: If your work surface retains the smell of food (eg. : Onion or garlic), rub your work surface with a lemon cut in half prior the regular cleaning.